Water Wars


This page will inform you of the water conflicts in the world today, reasons for these conflicts and information on this topic. We spent a day of school making powerpoints, movies and documents containing facts about water wars and the countries that have them. We all made our own pieces and then joined them together to make one fact-filled page to tell everyone about the problems people face day-in day-out just so they can have the water they need.

Audio introduction


This is a short powerpoint on Water Wars around the world

This is another short powerpoint on the potential water wars around the world.

This is a short powerpoint about where water wars happen and why.

this is a short powerpoint about water wars.

This is a presentation on water wars


This is a short video I have made using movie maker.

This is a short video about how some people suffer over water.

This is a short video about people stuck in water wars.

Drought in Ethiopia

Word documents

These two files contain facts on water wars and what they are caused by.