Why does it happen?

Scientists are convinced that the Earth is warming due to recent changes in the composition of the atmosphere that contribute to the "greenhouse effect". Parts of the Polar Regions are warming at a rate of two to three times the global average. Read more...



The glaciers, which regulate the water supply to the Ganges, Indus, Brahmaputra, Mekong, Thanlwin, Yangtze and Yellow Rivers are believed to be retreating at a rate of about 10-15m (33-49ft) each year.


This video is about Global Warming in Canada. (Warning) This takes a long time to load so please be patient.

Melting Ice Caps Bringing Death And Destruction Find out more about the devastation being brought on the Earth by melting ice caps by reading this powerpoint. Find out information about the causes, the effects and what can be done to help the Earth.



Here are a couple of powerpoints with pictures of melting ice caps and also the effects on the animals;

How the Melting Ice Caps Affect the Animals

This will show you how the animals are affected by the meltdown. It is not only the animals that live on the ice, but the ones living in environments that will be affected. The animals mentioned are not the only ones that will be affected, but they are the main ones. Hopefully this report will make you think twice about the animals in question.

This powerpoint tells you a bit about the effects an animals due to the melting ice caps. Put the volume up to listen and watch!

This video is about Polar Bears and Melting Ice caps.

Help Stop It!

After going on this page you may want to help stop this awful thing from happening so quickly so read this document to see how you can help....


Newspaper for Melting Ice Caps

Thanks to Chris P for this made up newspaper report about the results of ice caps melting.

Greenland and Antartica

Thanks also to Chris R for this report on the ice caps melting in Antartica